Grilled Cheese Eggs Benny
Serves: 2 Bennys
  • 4 pieces of bread
  • softened butter - to spread onto bread
  • sliced cheese - about 3-4 pieces per sandwich
  • chipotle mayo - to spread onto inside of grilled cheese
  • 6 pieces of cooked bacon
  • 4 poached eggs - how ever you like them cooked, I made mine soft
  • hollandaise sauce - I cheated and used a packet
  1. Using your large frying pan cook your bacon until desired crispiness.
  2. While your bacon is cooking fill your medium sauce pan with water and a glurp - 1-2 teaspoons - of white vinegar.
  3. Heat your water vinegar mixture on medium heat - until it reaches a gentle boil.
  4. While the bacon is finishing and your water is boiling, butter one side of each piece of the bread and slice your cheese.
  5. Once your bacon is done, remove from the heat and drain excess grease.
  6. Give your pan a quick wash and dry it off and use it to cook your grilled cheese.
  7. Once you've put the buttered side of the bread against the hot side of the pan spread some chipotle mayo onto the other side of the bread and add your sliced cheese.
  8. Lay your top piece of bread on top of the cheese with the buttered side facing up.
  9. Cook until golden brown on the outside - remember to constantly flip!
  10. Using your small sauce pan start your hollandaise sauce - refer to your packet for instructions.
  11. Once your water has reached a gentle boil poach your eggs - I have an egg poacher that I place 3 cracked eggs into and place gently into the water - but you can just carefully crack them into the water and use a spoon to remove them once they're done.
  12. I cooked my eggs for about 5-6 minutes depending on how soft they felt when I lifted them from the water.
  13. Timing varies depending on how soft, medium or hard you like your eggs poached, and how fresh your eggs are.
  14. Once your eggs are poached and your hollandaise is done Cut your grilled cheese in half diagonally and top with 3 pieces of bacon.
  15. Place 2 poached eggs on top of your grilled cheese and top with hollandaise sauce.
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